Where in Germany are the most spacious apartments?

Oct. 26, 2016

Where in Germany are the most spacious apartments?

According to the study, covering the period from 2014 to 2015, the most spacious apartments in Germany are in Stuttgart. The average area of apartments in this city reaches up to 76.4 sqm. On the opposite "pole" is Dresden with 63.4 sqm. Thus, the difference reaches 13 sqm.

Between three leaders are also Duisburg and Dortmund (75.8 sqm and is 75.6 sqm respectively). Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich are almost on the same level as Dresden. Berlin is located on the 9th place. The area of a typical apartment in the German capital is 70,1 sqm.

You can see the first trend - the larger is the city the smaller is the size of the housing. City with a population of 100 000 people can boast apartments with an area of approximately 93.4 sqm. In Metropolitan areas often there are more compact objects (69.2 sqm). Also there is a notable difference between the Western and Eastern parts of the country. In East Germany, the average apartment area is 73,6 sqm, and in West Germany – 82 sqm.

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